Chicken & Mumbo Sauce was founded in 2016 by DJ Breemz and Hav Mercy as a gathering for the beautiful people who love and appreciate the culture of the DMV. Bottom line is if you want to catch a vibe while enjoying delicious mumbo sauce eats with your pinky up then this is the wave for you. Where the experience lives within to create a fun, memorable vibe that makes everyone feel the DMV energy off bucks! DC is a place with a lot of culture, a lot of open-minded people, and our goal is to welcome everyone wanting to enjoy good vibes in a judgement free space. As mumbo expands Breemz and his crew are keepers of the flame for the next generation.

Now Chicken & Mumbo Sauce is expanding to new mix of cultural, wellness and fundraising projects. Stay tuned for what’s in store for 2019!

Chicken & Mumbo Sauce is an event-based collective founded by DJ Breemz and Hav Mercy that specializes in producing unique and authentic experiences and content that reflect the ever-growing creative community and culture of the DMV onto the world.